Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Military Wedding Giveaway - Winners Announced! Wedding 1/27/11

I am proud to say that Pink Posey Design is donating ALL the flowers for this wedding!

A Memory Lane Events is the organizer and main sponsor of this event.  Here is a quote from the description:

"In recognition of our men and women who have served our country, we are giving away a wedding ceremony for an active service member"

This truly is an all inclusive wedding valued at over $55,000!  Up to 75 guests including rehearsal dinner and hotel accommodations, wedding rings, dress, bridesmaid dress, honeymoon and so, so much more!

Now that is a dream wedding! 

The winners are both in active duty.  The husband to be is currently in Iraq and due back hopefully abbut 3 days before the wedding.  The bride to be is due to ship out to Iraq about 3 days after the wedding.

This really will be a dramatic and emotional wedding.  I wish I was able to show you their faces but because of their active status, we will not be able to do that.  I will however be able to keep you all posted with photos (from the neck down), and first names.

I met with the bride and her maid of honor the other evening and I also got to see the gorgeous gown she chose!  Wow, amazing with all the Swarovski crystals!

The color scheme is going to be all shades of blue and purple. 

The bright one shoulder full length gown for the maid of honor against this color scheme with some touches of white hydrangea is going to be phenomenal!

We will be providing all the floral items and these will include hydrangea, delphinium, anemone, roses and orchids!  Boutonnieres of bright purple orchids and royal blue delphinium.  I can't wait to show you the photos, these colors are going to just glow.

The bride is so humble and sweet about it all and never once mentioned using expensive flowers but the designs just call for orchids so that is what they will get!

So below is the colors we are going to use, a example of a similar bridesmaid gown and a bouquet the bride liked the colors of however she will be carrying a cascade style bouquet down the aisle.  Much larger, more elegant and more lush with flowers!

Color Palette

So, we will be posting the fast approaching news and information as it comes in and hopefully photos of the big day by valentines day!

Thank you to all of our service men and women, if we could do this for all the couples out there, Pink Posey Design surely would!


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