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Traditional Jewish Wedding at Green Gables Country Club

When I first met Hila & Mike I knew I would love working with them! 
She had very sweet way about her that went hand in hand with her simple, classic taste  She knew exactly what she wanted! Roses, roses and more roses.  In white, white and white! Oh and stepahnotis with some sparkle, not too much but just enough!  (Mike, was on his cell phone so didn't have much input!) 
Hila wanted an all roses, all white bouquet.  She said that her future mother in law insisted on a touch of pink so she compromised and added a touch at the reception. 

Here is the moment where they are just about to see each other for the first time! 

I can only image how excited they both much be feeling at this moment!  I know it's not the tradition some are used to, seeing each other before the ceremony, however some couple have chosen this order of things to get a lot of photos in prior to the wedding.  This being a traditional Jewish wedding, there were many traditions that were to take place prior to the outdoor portion of the wedding, under the chuppa.

 So here is her bouquet!  I suggested that we used 4 different "white" roses and some spray roses to give it depth and texture.  We used Akito (true white)  Sahara (sandy beige), Vendela (true ivory) and Tahlia (off white with a hint of pink in the center) with a few touches of fern as a collar. We also added the stephanotis she loved so much with pearls and some hints of "bling" for some sparkle.  Mike wore a single Sahara rose, a single stephanotis and green hypericum berry accents.

They made such a lovely couple, with a wonderful sense of humor and fun! 
 It's lovely to see that reflected in the photos.

This was my first time to provide flowers to a wedding at The Green Gables Country Club. The interior is gorgeous and there any many great architectural accent areas to photograph.
The outside patio area is very large and could easily hold 300 guests!  Or you could set up an awesome lounge spot with some cool furniture out there away from the main reception ballroom.

Here is a close up of Hila's bouquet, the color variations of the 4 shades of "white" roses show up well in this light.  Even if you want one color in your bouquet or arrangement, just a slight shade off makes for a much more interesting look.  This was a very large bouquet and heavy!  Roses are very heavy and I used at least 30.  I recommend adding hydrangea, mums, carnations (fluffy and very nice smell) or some other matching filler flower to make it still large and full without the weight.

Here is the ceremony site and huppa.  A huppa or chuppa (I cant find anything that tells me that either spelling is preferable) is a Jewish wedding tradition that simulates the couples home or roof over them as they become husband and wife.  If any of you would like to educate me on the details of this tradition, I would love to be educated.

Below are more photos of the ceremony site.  Hila wanted to have a lush covering of petals and the aisle blocked for guests so that only she and her groom had the honor of walking down the aisle.  We made small accent bouquets for the chairs which adds a very elegant touch for your guests who are sitting in the seats. 

These bouquets are quite affordable at $15-$25 each. They can either be placed on the first few reserved family rows or used on every other or every 3rd row etc. They also will be moved into the reception area and used again along the bar, buffet table or food stations or along the head table. Pink Posey Design always designs ceremony decor with the idea that it will be used again or recycled for the reception.


Hila found a photo of centerpieces in a book I had and chose small wreaths with a candle in the center for her tables.  They were all white flowers and ivory candles...except for the sweetheart table.  Her new mother in law insisted that she and Mike had pink flowers and a heart shaped wreath for their table.  It was a sweet idea and I think it looked nice.  I added some greenery garland to the front as well. 

This final photo below is one of my favorites from all weddings!  We were not sure if this little girl was going to perform her flower girl duties and so we prepared a basket of petals for her, just in case. 

As you can see, she did go down the aisle however I doubt any petals got dropped!

A note about Flower Girls:
I have some books on the "duties" of a flower girl that are available to borrow.  I think we forget that these little ones have no idea what it means to be a "flower girl" or even what a wedding is all about. 
 The idea sounds fun, getting to wear a big fluffy dress and all, but when they see all those face sitting there and having to walk down all by themselves it gets to be a bit frightening to them.  I just suggest that all the details are explainged to them so they understand what it's all about.  Having 2 flower girls, especially an older girl (above 6) can also be helpful.

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Very elegant! The bride's bouquet is absolutely stunning - though it definitely looks like it was heavy!

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