Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rustic Charm, Boettcher Mansion Sarah and Mike august 2010

The past, the present and into the future... 

Boettcher Mansion.  Another Colorado historic location.  One of those true "Colorado" venues.  The location, the grounds, the mansion itself, everywhere you look there is just so much personality. 
A casual, rustic yet wedding location. 

Sarah and Mike must have agreed as they chose it for their August wedding.  When Sarah's mom, Rene first contacted me she was a bit stressed and had been told by several other florists that there was nothing they had to offer them within their budget. 
Pink Posey Design has the creative ability and the empathy to work will all budgets and happy for the challenge!

I will take what you have to work with and give you your options.  Obviously you are not going to get 4 foot tall manzanita and orchid centerpieces, but you can have a few colorful stems in a cute vase as you see we did for Sarah's tables.  I believe you do need flowers at a wedding.  Not only are they expected, they transform an event into a wedding.

Look for a post soon all about chic, elegant flowers and designs for any budget.  Just open your mind to the possibilities.  You can have a gorgeous wedding with Flowers on every table without using carnations!

I love using orchids in small budget weddings.  Believe it or not, a little can go a long way is you are using them as accents.  These were buffalo orange mokara orchids.  Orchids make great boutonnieres as well.

I love using "Billy balls".  Those round yellow happy things you see in the bouquets. There is nothing like them and they add a smile to the bouquet!

We used "royal sunset"  asciatic lilies for the bridesmaids bouquets.  We had not discussed making "composite" bouquets.  (Each petal is removed and glued together on one lily base to creat one large lily out of several)  however as I started ont eh first bouquet, I realized that might be the best option.
You can do this same style with a very different result using roses; calla lilies; gladiolous etc.

This minister was very funny and quite  "hip" for his age.  As I was inside decorating tables during the ceremony, I could hear everything and he made me giggle a few times. I don't think couples really understand how much the officiant has to do with the whole tone of their ceremony.  You want someone who can lighten the mood while still saying appropriate things for the day. 

We discussed having an arch with some flowers or greenery or maybe stands on either side with arrangements on top. 

This is the sort of natural back drop where the decisions not to add ceremony flowers makes perfect sense!  Plus, if yo notice, the bride keeps her bouquet.  That adds a nice pop of color to the photos.

I just LOVE how these colors pop against the natural background of the trees.

I bet those girls were very happy with Sarah's fashion choices.  Flats and pockets!!  I don't know if anyone has ever actually "worn the dress agian".  But this is a style you might!

Sarah wanted many, many different flowers in her bouqet and her bridesmaids, just the opposite.

Sarah's bouquet includes:
2 types of daisy mums, button mums, mambo spray roses, mokara orhchids, sea star fern, peruvian lily, billy balls, royal sunset lilies, gerbera daisies, orange pin cusion protea and a mix several different grasses. 
I am especially fond of bunny tail grass personally!


I just love the little vintage post cards used as table markers!
They were the perfect fit with the tiny bud vases Sarah's mom had already purchased!

I love how the clean fresh colors on the tables contrast with the old stone and wood structure of the mansion.  

I love the photo booth with the funny props, it give the guest something to do and gives you some great photo memories!

Sarah, thank you for taking the time to be sure I received a copy of your photos.  You and Rene were fun to get creative with. 

I hope you and Mike enjoy happily ever after!

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