Friday, November 5, 2010

Bright and Colorful Spring Garden Wedding

I am not sure you could ask for a prettier spot to be married!
This is one of the "Romantic Gardens" at Denver Botanical Gardens, May 30, 2010.

I was so excited to get these photos as I knew they would be spectacular.  
This was one of those situations where it all just comes together, a beautiful setting, gorgeous wedding flowers and a lovely couple!  Not to mention the photography, to hold the moment in time!  
Joyce Keum at JK Photography is the master behind these artful photos! 

I thought I'd start with the shots of the Gardens at this time of year, any of you in the planning stages, if your wedding will be in May or June and you want an outdoor setting, this site can't be beat!

This lovely couple contacted me just 17 days prior to their wedding!  They started planning not much earlier than that!  They had decided to just "get married" but soon realized they had enough of a guest list to have a full wedding the chose a date and venue and went from there to create a charming and truly lovely event!

I love this shot. It shows Jamie as she begins the short walk down the aisle when she first sees Adrian. What a sweet expression on her face.

Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?  She is as just as cute as can be!

The maid of honor's bouquet had a bright and colorful handle made with high quality double faced satin ribbon and a bright green criss cross overlay.  I see she used the bow to hold Adrian's ring.

This was a fun bouquet to make!  Anytime I get to work with peonies I love it, plus all the colors and fresh ideas

A lush, full bright bouquet of coral peonies, green orchids, white and yellow freesia, a rare and unusual color of bright pink and bright green hydrangea with pink roses.  I had given her a good luck charm of a shiny brand new 2010 penny.  I collect them as I get change here and there and if I have one to give, I bring it with me t each wedding.  (along with a little packon monogrammed tissues)
So, as tradition goes, the bride puts it in her shoe for good fortune on her journey to her new life. 
Jamie attached it to her bouquet. Which you can see in the photo above. 

We hung 3 very pomanders (flower balls) made from carnations and mums, from the white arbor and as is always the goal of Pink Posey Design, we mad use of them at the reception. (see the photo further down in this post)

Most people beleive they do not like carnations.  They are actually very chic and modern if used the right way.  I even saw them used on an episode of "Platinum Weddings", except the florist kept calling them double dianthus.  Which is what they are, but more commonly called carnation!
Carnations, mums, roses, spray roses and hydrangea are flowers that can be used in pomanders.  All that I listed, except for the carnations, have a limitation or drawback. 

We hung glass vases with small arrangements of hydrangea, roses, dahlias and hypericum berries on stands in the aisle and re-purposed them on the tables at the reception.

Pink Posey Design is very creative in finding ways to stretch your budget by using flowers more than once. 

We love creating floral designs that can be used at both your ceremony and reception sites. 

I love how their happiness shines in the photos!

Adrian is an Englishman and English weddings are always so lush and full of flowers! He was very interested in the floral design process and flowers to be used.
You know, it takes a certain type of groom who can rock a peony boutonniere, I think he pulled it off nicely don't you?

This is just the prettiest little cake ever! I love how different it is, not the same old rolled fondant with ribbon and a few fresh flowers.  I think you should always break the mold and flood your wedding with you and your finace's personalities and commonalities as a couple.  It's actually a budget saver to use a theme for your wedding.
It does not need to look like a kids birthday party!  Just hire the right wedding planner, designer or florsit! 

Pink Posey Design can assist you in designing the entire decor of the day.  We work closely with companies that can provide you a tent, lighting, draping etc.  We are truely a one stop shop for a lot of your wedding needs.

Here you see how we reused the ceremony flowers. 

Using tall cylinder vases with submersible lights in the bottom we rested the 3 pomanders on top.  
We then added many sizes of pillar candles and votive's wrapped in coordinating ribbon and placed those around the room along with the vases full of flowers from the ceremony were the other centerpiece style used. 

Pink Posey Design always brings any rose petals left from the processing of flowers and we put those everywhere!

And into the sunset they went to find thier happily ever after!

The End

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