Friday, October 15, 2010

A June bride...

I have been lax in posting but I hope now that things have slowed a bit, that will change! 
I have a lot of photos from this summers weddings!  Here's a bit of eye candy from a fabulous wedding! 

Eryn and Charles got married at Lionsgate outside the Gatehouse in a beautiful garden this past June.  The nice thing about this venue was the storage closet they had stocked full of every kind of vase and container for you to use.  They chose the 6 x 6 inch cube vase for their short centerpieces and we rented the tall candle stands for the rest of the tables.

What do you think of the girls, girls?

They chose to see each other prior  to the ceremony.  She walked down the aisle toward him as he waited with his back to her until she was right behind him. 

Eryn wanted feathers inside and out of all the bouquets as well as crystals!

Short Centerpiece, hot pink roses were everywhere!

Calla lilies for the bride and groom only.  Even the guys had feathers!

I think this is my favorite trend.  Fun, bright shoes for all!

Hot pink, black and white was the color scheme of the flowers. 

Mother and daughter.

Pictures don't do it justice. 
 This floral swag was HUGE, but since the arbor was "huge-er", it does not appear as such in the photos!

Love at first sight.

Another beautiful Das Meyer cake hand delivered and decorated by the man himself!

...and they lived happily, ever after!



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