Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Logo Designs

LOGOS LOGOS LOGOS!!  What is my problem?  I guess I love logos, I must, I have so many to choose from!

I have had several (over 8 designs) created over the last year!  I am not sure why I just have not been in love with any of them.  I am having the Pink Posey Design website redone as we speak and once it's ready, I will be keeping with whatever logo I choose no matter what so it needs to be the best.  Is the best one the most expensive?  The most creative?  I need your help.

I am going to post all the options, some or most of the logos have versions in other colors.  Almost all of them have versions in all black, all white(to go on any non white background), all dove gray or pink and gray.  One of them I have in 2 shades of pink and pink and green additionally! I am not going to post all of them in all the colors, but I have posted a couple in 2 color styles.

So they are below, let me know which one YOU think best express' the overall style of Pink Posey Design!  Ot the one that would best speak to you.
They are numbered BELOW each logo.  The amount paid for each design ranges considerably and I wonder if you can tell which one costs the most or least? The prices range from $150 (only one at this price, I thought I was finally going to get just the right one for that price) and 2 of them are just basic premade logos that I just paid $20 each! 






I value your opinion and look forward to your thoughts! :)

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