Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Blog Layout

Hello and Welcome!  This is the first post on this new blog layout.  Hopefully by December we will have an even prettier blog design to share with you! 

The goal and purpose of this blog is to post photos of our wedding flowers either from the ones we take before they head out for delivery to the ones we recieve from the photographer.  We will also be describing the flowers we used in the designs, the reasons for those descisions and details on the variety, season and average price range of the flowers.  Also we will discuss how the flowers enhanced the overall theme of the wedding and give recommendations to you on other wedding venders such as the baker, wedding planner and photographers.

We hope to inspire you with your own wedding planning and will offer many suggestions, DIY projects, budget saving tips and just general flower conversation.

So join us and lets see where this blog takes us. 

The next few posts will be about our summer weddings these past few months.  We also have a fabulous photo shoot to share with you sometime soon so keep checking back!

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